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Asbestos Removal

ARC Asbestos removal provide a full Asbestos removal service for domestic, commercial and industrial properties throughout the South West.

If you suspect the presence of Asbestos we can help from the initial visual inspection, through testing, removal and to the final stage of repair and reinstatement.

Every project has it’s own requirements, please get in touch for an estimate of cost and timescale.


Is asbestos removal always necessary?

If the asbestos-containing material (ACM) is in good condition then it is unlikely to cause any significant risk and can often be left in place. However, in time if the asbestos-containing material started to deteriorate or any general refurbishment projects are planned then it may cause problems

It can be very expensive to remove asbestos especially licensed asbestos removal.

So if you’re buying or selling property which was preconstructed before the year 2010 it is advised to contact ARC Asbestos for free advice on the safety of the ACM if left in place and to estimate on the cost of any removal if needed.

The results are often used to negotiate a reduction in the sale price, or it even could cause the sale to fall through if all the relevant information is not correct. ARC Asbestos Removal staff are friendly and have extensive knowledge and experience in the management of asbestos, and insuring our clients receive only the advice support and services that they really need.

Fly tipping

If asbestos has been dumped illegally on your premises ARC Asbestos Removal removal company can professionally and efficiently contain the situation and carry out removal and disposal at a very cost-effective price

Same-day collections

24 hours seven days a week.

All asbestos waste will be disposed of at a registered site in accordance with Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005

Asbestos Encapsulation

If removal is not the best option ARC Asbestos Removal offers the service of asbestos encapsulation to contain asbestos, a safe and practical way allowing you to comply with the control of the specialist regulations CAR 2012. 

NNLW – Notifiable Non Licensed Work

All non-licensed work needs to be carried out with the appropriate controls in place. But for notifiable non-licensed work (NNLW), asbestos removal companies also have additional requirements to:
• notify work with asbestos to the relevant enforcing authority
• ensure medical examinations are carried out and maintain registers or work (health records)

In practice the changes are fairly limited. They mean that some types of non-licensed work with asbestos now have additional requirements – notification of work, medical surveillance and record keeping. All other requirements remain unchanged.

Is our work NNLW?

Whether a type of asbestos work is either licensable, NNLW or non-licensed work has to be determined in each case and will depend on the type of work you are getting to carry out, the type of material you are going to work on and its condition. The identification of the type of asbestos contacting material (ACM) to be worked on an assessment of its condition are important parts of your risk assessment, which needs to be completed before you start work

An integral part of a complete asbestos management service is the ability to ensure that any identified asbestos is removed and disposed of safely and responsibly. As part of our asbestos project management services ARC Asbestos Removal offers safe, secure and reliable asbestos removal services.

Asbestos Removal Enquiry

Click the button to e-mail us with your Asbestos Removal enquiry. If your enquiry is of an urgent nature please call: 07717 130 533